General Information

The EuroBiCon is a three-day conference which will take place just after the EuroBiReCon. It aims to bring together European bisexual communities, activists, individuals, researchers, artists, health professionals, partners of bisexuals, allies, and many more. The EuroBiCon and EuroBiReCon are two different events, however, they are definitely interlinked.

The EuroBiCon is the third in its kind and has been preceded by EuroBiCons in Rotterdam (2001) and Dublin (2003). The EuroBiCon returns to the Netherlands for the third edition and the organising committee is fully aware of the history of the EuroBiCons as we are standing on the shoulders of these events. Combining this knowledge and adapting to societal changes we aim to create an interactive, social, supportive, and accepting space for all visitors.

We also want to create an inclusive space for everyone and cheer our differences and similarities. We explore possibilities to include other languages but please be aware that the primary language of this conference is English and, as such, we will predominantly communicate in English on this website and at the conference spaces.

This page and website are still in progress and will provide all necessary information on the EuroBiCon and will be frequently updated to provide you with the latest information.