Schedule EuroBiReCon

Illustration Bi Pride coloured bookOutline Day 1 University of Amsterdam

Complete address conference venue:

University of Amsterdam, Location Oudemanhuispoort
Oudemanhuispoort 4-6
1012 CN Amsterdam

(You will find the specific rooms for the presentations in our conference book which we will upload two days before the conference)

Complete address De Shakespeare Club:

Amsterdam Museum (Courtyard)
Kalverstraat 92
1012 PH Amsterdam

Outline Day 2 De Boomsspijker
  • Session 4 (4 papers per track, 2 hours)
    • Bisexuality and Culture
  • Session 5
    • Workshop 1
    • Workshop 2
    • Panel Academics and Activists

Complete address conference venue:

Community center De Boomsspijker
Recht Boomssloot 52
1011 EC Amsterdam

Please note that the sessions of Day 2 will take place in the afternoon in community center De Boomsspijker – after the opening of EuroBiCon. This opening (no entrance fees) will take place in De Oude Lutherse Kerk (Singel 411, 1012 WN Amsterdam).

More info or questions: Emiel Maliepaard (e.maliepaard1[at] and/or Caroline Walters (carolinejwalters[at]

EuroBiReCon Papers and workshops

Theme Paper Name
Bisexuality & Well-Being A survey of United Kingdom (UK) Bisexuals’ experiences of emotional distress support Grant Denkinson
Bisexuality & Well-Being Young bisexual Danish women show significantly poorer health and wellbeing than the general female population and even lesbians Vivi Jelstrup & Dan Bowring
Bisexuality & Well-Being Bisexual-specific Microaggressions and Mental Health Wendy Bostwick
Bisexuality & Well-Being Bisexual men and women mental health outcomes and perceived health status disparities in Spain Alberto Martín-Pérez; Elena González; Nayra Marrero; Jenifer Rebollo
Bisexual Experience Bisexuality in Education: Erasure, Exclusion by Inclusion and its Absence Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
Bisexual Experience National Survey about Homophobia and Biphobia. A project for Human Rights visibilization and defense in Spain Isabel Portero & Esperanza Montero
Bisexual Experience Intersections and alliances: Bisexual movement and trans* depathologization activism Amets Suess
Bisexual Experience Bisexuality in the Netherlands: a picture based on survey studies and methodological reflections Jantine van Lisdonk
Bisexuality & Relationships Bisexual Women & Monogamy Sarah Jane Daly
Bisexuality & Relationships  “When MOREs are too much”: mixed-orientation relationships as “outside” Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
Bisexuality & Relationships Coming out twice: narratives of bisexuality and consensual non-monogamies in Italy Beatrice Gusmano
Bisexuality & Relationships Bisexuality, Slippery Slopes and Multipartner Marriage Christian Klesse
Bisexuality Identities Bi-Erasure in Pro-Gay Biblical Exegeses Carol Shepherd
Bisexuality Identities Does Allah love Bisexual Muslims? Mehrdad Alipour
Bisexuality Identities How bisexuality and other plurisexual identities can make us question sexual orientation categories Miguel Minol
Bisexuality Identities  “Dis-Orienting Sexuality: Moving Beyond the Bi” Cara Judea Alhadeff
Bisexual Communities  The Role of LGB Community Involvement on Internalized Biphobia Amanda M Pollitt & Tangela S. Roberts
Bisexual Communities  ‘Hemmed in and weeded out’: Bisexual People of Colour and the BiCon
Jacq Applebee and Helen Bowes-Catton
Bisexual Communities  Older people with some relationship to the identity ‘bisexual’ Rebecca L. Jones
Bisexual Experience & Work Bridging Bisexual Erasure in LGBT-Rights Discourse and Litigation Nancy Marcus
Bisexual Experience & Work  The actionable bisexual: bisexuality in the workplace Milena Popova
Bisexuality & Culture  “How could any one relationship ever possibly be fulfilling?”: Bisexuality, polyamory and the visualisation of desire in the cinema of Gregg Araki Jacob Engelberg
Bisexuality & Culture Literary Representation of Bisexuality and Impossibility of Bisexual Identity Petar Odak
Bisexuality & Culture  Textual Immaturity: Bisexuality, Textuality and Adolescence Joseph Ronan
Bisexuality & Culture  The Queer Mermaid: an alternative approach towards LGBTQ+ in computer games Martine Mussies


Subject Presenter
Bisexuality and Aging Sue George, Nickie Roome & Rebecca Jones
Funding EU Partnerships on bisexuality through Erasmus+ Sandra Hopkins
Academics & Activists Robyn Ochs, Meg John Barker & Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli.