Schedule Friday

This is the schedule of the programme of the third European Bisexual Conference in the Old Lutheran Church and in community center De Boomsspijker in Amsterdam for Friday 29 July 2016.

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Please find here: the programme booklet in ISSUU or
Download the programme booklet as pdf.

– Bisexual Banter (Verity Richie, UK)
– Bisexual Education (Nico Lippe and Hilda Reeuwijk, Netherlands)
– Improving bisexual healthcare for young people (Koenraad Vermey, Netherlands)
– Flyer (with and) for bisexual young people (Frank Thies, Germany)
– NewBi (English) (Tijmetje Dieleman, Netherlands)
– NewBi (Dutch) (Barbara Oud, Netherlands)
– Playful Poetry (Cat K., Netherlands)
– Puppy pile. Seeing without eyes. (Sexcoach Pras, Netherlands)
– Rope Bondage for Beginners (Alex and Adinda, Netherlands)
– The Languages of Bisexuality (David Bowskill, Germany)
– To vlog or not to vlog (Linda de Munck, Netherlands)
– When Safe and Pleasurable go Together: The Female Condom (Iris Weges, Netherlands)
– Writing a Selfie (Connie van Gils, Netherlands)