Schedule Sunday

This is the schedule of the programme of the third European Bisexual Conference in community center De Boomsspijker in Amsterdam for Sunday 31 July 2016.

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Please find here: the programme booklet in ISSUU or
Download the programme booklet as pdf.


– Bisexuality and the fandom; the power of representation (Juul Adang, Netherlands)
– Bisexuality in Europe Vision 2020 (Lars Naesbye Christensen, Denmark)
– Challenging Biphobia and Bi Erasure (Robyn Ochs, USA)
– Challenging Dichotomies: Non-binary Gender Expressions, Identities and Sexualities (Amets Suess, Spain)
– Faith and Bisexuality (Miranda Terpstra-Van de Kerk, Netherlands)
– Quantum Light Breath Meditation (Tika Stardust, Netherlands)
– Share Your Voice: A VisiBility Video (Cathy Manousaki, Greece)
– Sexual Identity and well being (Erwin Heyl, Netherlands)
– This is What a Bisexual Looks Like – painting (Netherlands)
– Writing about Penetration (Connie van Gils, Netherlands)