IHLIA LGBT Heritage Joins our VisiBility!

On the website of IHLIA LGBT Heritage and in their newsletter this International LGBT archive publishes regularly about the upcoming European Bisexual Research Conference and the European Bisexual Conference. A group of volunteers from the Dutch Bisexual Network and partners abroad organise these during the EuroPride in Amsterdam this year from Thursday 28 to Saturday 31 July.

In this edition, a.o.: EuroBiCon has a slogan: Join our VisiBility! Who are the Keynote speakers for EuroBiReCon? Why I attend the Bi-Convention? Peter Christen (68) from Zurich runs a workshop on this topic.

Read the message (mixed English and Dutch)

Newsitem with overview of IHLIA newsflashes about EuroBi(Re)Con (Dutch)

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