Happy International Women’s Day 2016!

All workshopfacilitators who have submitted sessions for the European Bisexual Conference (EuroBiCon) so far, offer their workshop for all genders; women, men and others.

More workshops are welcome! If you’d like to restrict yours to a safe space for, for example, women, people of colour, or otherwise, please consider to submit a workshop proposal.

We’re also looking for workshops on:
– creative (bi) activism
– increasing LGBTI committment to Bi Visibility Day – how to do it
– bisexual characters in film and literature
– genderfree sex
– porn
– massage
– tantra
– theatre sports
– asexuality
– ….. 😀 [your idea here]

If you’re attending the EuroBiCon, please consider to submit a workshop proposal.

Together we make the EuroBiCon happen!

Deadline: Sunday, March 13, 2016.